Kommersant – St.Petersburg , supplement “Annual results”, 29.01.2015
"Legal helm features"
Topical accounting, October 2014
"How to take expenses on special assessment of working conditions into account when using a simplified tax system"
Delovoy Peterburg, 15.09.2014
"Tax avoidance to go up"
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"Another one VAT recovery scandal has happened in St. Petersburg. Now this is about 4 billion roubles"
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"Supreme Commercial Court created a tax legal precedent by recognizing prisoners as consumers"  
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Kirill Saskov performed at the annual forum “Legal results of 2014: laws and business” of the publishing house “Kommersant”
Kirill Saskov performed at the seminar “Tax and financial control in the foreign economic activity. New ways of tax schemes revealing. Arbitration practice”
Seminar “Cyprus and BVI: de-offshoreisation in action. In search of new solutions”
Developing recommendations on reducing the tax burden and minimizing the risks of the companies belonging to Smeshariki Group
Legal representation on tax disputes with regard to claiming illegal the tax prosecution and charging additional taxes
Representing Russian branch of Tebodin, a multinational engineering company, in the dispute with the tax authorities on tax remission
Successful out-of-court settlement of a tax dispute


Our lawyers have extensive experience advising Russian and foreign clients on the legal aspects of taxation, including support for restructuring of holdings in several jurisdiction, tax audit, legal support to clients during tax audits and representing clients in tax disputes.

Our services involve:

  • advising on tax regulations;
  • recommendations on how to optimally structure international holdings in order to minimize client"s tax burden;
  • analyzing tax implications of transactions;
  • inquiries to the eligible authorities on the application of tax regulations;
  • conducting tax due diligence, evaluation of corporate tax planning, existing or potential tax risks;
  • on-site and in-house audit support, including preparations of objections to the acts of the tax authorities in the course of audit examination;
  • tax planning and optimization;
  • tax disputes support;
  • administrative disputes support, appeals against administrative prosecution.