Denis Kachkin became a co-chair of the plenary session at the XII Annual IBA Law Firm Management Conference

Moscow hosted the regular conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) “Law Firm Management» — a large-scale event in the legal services market and a unique platform to discuss issues of the legal business, bringing together executives and specialized managers of law firms around the globe.

The event held lively debates on the following issues: next generation of partners, reputation management at legal talent markets, high risks of legal practice in an aggressive environment, ideas about financial results of a law firm in the future.

Denis Kachkin, Managing Partner of Kachkin & Partners, became a co-chair of the plenary session «New products, new directions, new dimensions». The experts shared with the conference participants the most innovative and promising elements of the law firms’ strategies in a format of short structured presentations, namely told how technologies can influence legal practice, touched upon prerequisites for consolidation of legal business abroad, discussed cryptoplatforms that change legal views and other relevant topics.