Kachkin & Partners provides complex legal support of bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of debtors and creditors, including financial organizations, during the period before bankruptcy and during all bankruptcy proceedings, namely:

  • development of the plan of measures for prevention of bankruptcy
  • commitment  an act of bankruptcy on behalf of the creditor as well as the debtor
  • interaction with the insolvency officer within the framework of insolvency proceedings
  • appeal of illegal actions or omissions of the insolvency officer
  • taking actions against inclusion of unconscientious creditors’ claims into the creditors’ register
  • participation in internal disputes, namely challenging of debtor’s transactions, bringing controlling persons to responsibility, court hearings on disputes, complaints and motions in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation of the interests of creditors and other persons entitled to participate in meetings and committees of creditors
  • support of auctions for sale of the debtor’s property
  • interaction with law enforcement agencies regarding criminal and (or) administrative responsibility of controlling persons and other persons if they have committed misconduct in bankruptcy proceedings
Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice, attorney

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