Consulting the owner of a bakery franchise chain “Dobropek” on the violation by franchisees of the terms of the commercial concession agreement

Kachkin & Partners lawyers were contacted by a Russian bakery franchise chain “Dobropek” with instructions to conduct a legal analysis of relations with existing franchisees associated with the latter’s breach of their respective obligations under the commercial concession agreement.

The client needed a detailed assessment of the status quo in terms of the prospects for protecting the franchiser’s rights, as well as the formulation of recommendations and an algorithm of actions concerning the possible approaches to interdicting unlawful steps by the franchisees and restoring the rights of the franchiser.

The firm’s lawyers analyzed the client’s presented documents mediating party relations, prepared a legal evaluation of the actions of the franchisees, and suggested possible options for protecting the franchiser’s rights whereby the return of the fees paid by the franchisees under the agreement would be excluded but the unlawful use of intellectual property on the part of the franchisees could be interdicted.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice, attorney

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