Legal support to an international kids’ educational center «Fox & Kids» in the conclusion of a franchise agreement

Kachkin & Partners’ client – «Fox & Kids», the owner of several childhood development academies established to teach preschool children according to the method based on the research of Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner. Having decided to expand their market presence in a number of Russian regions, «Fox & Kids» opted for a strategy of concluding franchise agreements with local companies.

Kachkin & Partners attorneys sat down with the client to go over in detail the scope of conditions that should be reflected in any agreements with the potential franchisees. These conditions entailed not only the hammering out of the standard issues typical of commercial concession agreements, but also the formalization of the relationship aspects that were sure to be crucial to the client: the finished draft of the commercial concession agreement included certain licensing-agreement clauses governing the use of the unique software commonly used in the operation of «Fox & Kids» academies.

Moreover, Kachkin & Partners provided the client with a schematic of prudent relations with its future franchisees prior to the registration of its trademark, and prepared the respective preliminary commercial-concession agreement to govern party relations at the franchise launch stage.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice, attorney

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