Consulting on the legality of the functioning of an Internet-aggregator used for housing searches

Kachkin & Partners’ client is the provider of an Internet-aggregator offering services to online-users in terms of searching for and selecting housing options in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. He contacted the firm’s lawyers with the aim of verifying the legality of the service’s functioning so as to avoid its potential blocking or the lodging of serious financial claims by third parties.

Our lawyers requisitioned and studied additional information on the functioning of the Internet-aggregator, and analyzed the legal documents regulating the operations of the services serving as the sources of material for the website. The aggregator’s activities were subjected to thorough due diligence for compliance with applicable intellectual-property legislation, including an investigation of such nuances as the rights of the developers of outside databases, the risks of becoming embroiled in a conflict with the copyright-holders of the content posted on the website, and the risks of certain information published on the website being treated as advertising. As a result, we formulated recommendations for the client as to which actions could lower the risks of being sued for violation of third-party intellectual-property rights or applicable advertising legislation.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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