Pre-trial dispute settlement with the violators of the photographer’s copyright

Alexander Bravo is the owner of a non-profit Internet resource dedicated to the suburbs of St. Petersburg. As an exclusive right holder he faced with the piratical use of the photos.

The copyright holder posted the photos on the aforesaid website from which they were copied and used by St. Petersburg publishing house commissioned by the state enterprise for the preparation of a deluxe edition about St. Petersburg suburbs. Moreover, the information about the images source had been removed during the preparation of the book layout.

Since neither the publisher nor the state enterprise had not obtained the permission to use the pictures or to delete the copyright information, the right holder asked the lawyers of «Kachkin and Partners» for legal assistance in the dispute resolution.

As a result of the case circumstances’ analysis pre-trial claims with requirements for money compensation and publication of the information about the author and the copyright holder of controversial photographs were drafted by our lawyers and sent on behalf of the client.

Then the company’s lawyers held negotiations with the representatives of the copyright violators, as a result of which the publisher paid the compensation to Alexander Bravo for the violation of his rights and also published on its official website the information about the author and the copyright holder of controversial photos.

The effective pre-trial dispute resolution has allowed protecting the client not only from the violation of his rights but from excessive and extraordinary expenses that could have been caused by potential court proceedings on this issue.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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