Legal support of the major Argentinian company Explosivos Tecnológicos Argentinos in drafting a licensing agreement on the provision of usage rights to a utility model

Kachkin & Partners specialists within the scope of the firm’s provision of legal support for the operations of a major Argentinian company – Explosivos Tecnológicos Argentinos (ETASA) – in Russia drew up a draft licensing agreement between the company and the developer of patent-protected original technology for a utility model. The agreement envisioned the terms and scope of the authorized use of the model in the Russian Federation, royalty fees, registration procedure, and other conditions.

What’s more, in order to shield the client’s brand and purge the market of potential knock-offs Kachkin & Partners attorneys filed applications at the client’s instruction for trademarks in Russia and Kazakhstan, which are expected to be used to protect such products as shaped charges.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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