Legal support for the operations of a major Russian telemedicine company

Kachkin & Partners law firm was engaged by RuHealthNet LLC, which provides development and promotion of the Integrated Medical Portal Internet platform used to provide medical care to the public with telemedicine technologies. The firm’s lawyers were tasked with a comprehensive review of the client’s business processes and development of the legal framework for the relations between the client and private clinics providing medical services using telemedicine technologies through the Integrated Medical Portal.

The deliverables of Kachkin & Partners lawyers included a legal opinion describing the best way to formalize the relations between the client and its counterparties, as well as a list of contracts and instruments to be drafted in furtherance of the roadmap proposed.

When implementing the proposed recommendations, IP / IT lawyers drafted for the client necessary contracts and documents needed to enable an operator of a third-party information system to facilitate telemedicine services, including the client’s Personal Data Processing Policy, User Agreement and license agreement.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice, attorney

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