Representing the interests of the major international fast-food restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza in a dispute involving cybersquatting

Kachkin & Partners lawyers are representing the interests of the master-franchiser of the international fast-food chain Domino’s Pizza in Russia in a lawsuit involving cybersquatting: an outside party had unscrupulously registered in its own name a domain similar to the client’s trademark that wasn’t being used for the provision of actual services.

In preparing the strategy for protecting the client’s exclusive rights the lawyers had to ferret out the identity of the domain name’s administrator, whose information had been concealed in open domain-name registers. In this connection an attorney’s query was prepared and sent to the registrar of the domain name demanding the provision of information on the domain-name administrator. Moreover, the firm’s lawyers documented proof of the violation of exclusive rights to the trademark by conducting a notarial inspection of the violator’s website. The lawyers also took all of the measures necessary for the domain registrar’s imposition of restrictions on the disposal of the disputed domain name during consideration of the dispute. The lawyers’ swift actions made it possible to immediately determine the violator’s identity and file a lawsuit in court seeking the transfer of rights to the domain name to the rightful copyright-holder. As a result the claims were fully satisfied by the court.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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