Formulation of a legal strategy to protect intellectual-property rights and the other intangible assets created within the scope of implementation of a project involving the organization of sports competitions

Within the scope of providing support for the client’s activities, firm attorneys formulated a legal strategy to protect the intangible assets created by the client’s company for the purposes of the implementation of a project involving the organization of sports competitions. Project work included an audit and description of the legal treatment of the intellectual-property items and other intangible assets slated for creation within the scope of the project, as well as a description of the optimal forms of their legal documentation, ongoing confidentiality and protection against third-party use, including: trademarks / service marks, software, website, domain name, know-how (programs, techniques), confidential information and commercial secrets, designs, slogans, names and mascots. By the end we had formulated an individualized strategy for the formalization and protection of such items: description of the list and essence of the necessary agreements subject to conclusion – both among the project’s creators and in relations with third parties; compilation of the list of required documentation and brief description of their purpose and essence; description of the mechanisms and timeframes of venue registration – where needed; description of identified risks; algorithm of further action to be taken towards implementation of the proposed strategy.

In implementing the proposed strategy the firm’s attorneys drafted user agreements governing website use and participation in sporting events – as well as a confidentiality policy ensuring the compliance of resource operations with the requirements of applicable Russian legislation in the area of personal-data protection; the firm’s specialists also successfully handled the procedure for registering a group of trademarks protecting the domain name of the client’s Internet resource – as well as the original game character and corporate-identity elements it had developed specifically for the project.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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