Legal support of a major Russian language lab manufacturer “Line” in a dispute in Chamber for Patent Disputes

Kachkin & Partners’ lawyers represented interests of a large Russian manufacturer of language labs “Line” in a dispute on challenging the industrial prototype owned by the client under criteria of novelty in the Chamber for Patent Disputes.

In process of preparation for the hearing our experts studied in detail the evidence of industrial prototype availability before its priority date provided by the person disputing the industrial prototype and with participation of patent agents prepared a legal reasoning proving that the provided evidence was not sufficient to identify that the appearance of language labs was known to general public before the priority date of the industrial prototype.

In the hearing in the Chamber for Patent Disputes our lawyers were able to convince the experts of the Federal Institute for Industrial Property of their reasoning righteousness and to leave the protection of the client’s industrial prototype in force.

Kirill Saskov

Head of Corporate and Dispute Resolution Practice

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